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My Writing

As a natural communicator, I've always had a knack for expressing myself with words. Here you will find various samples of my writing, ranging from research-driven AI blogs to my more personal and creative travel blog. For examples of pieces that I've ghostwritten, please request them at


Frequently Asked Questions: Snapchat

Are you a brand that wants to up its Snapchat presence but aren’t sure where to start? Learn how to take advantage of this ephemeral app with these best practices.


Frequently Asked Questions: TikTok

If TikTok has left you bewildered, you're not alone. We're here to walk you through the ins and outs of the up and coming app that's taking the world by storm.


Your FAQs About Social Video — Answered

Few content mediums grab and keep attention more than video. Before you hit record, let us walk you through a few video FAQs we hear often.


Top Scores: Standout Storytelling from Super Bowl LIII

We took a look at the standout storytelling from brand's ads during Super Bowl LIII.

Market Analysis

Qualitative Research: Mining Value in “Why”

Explore the importance of converting quantitative data into qualitative data by answering the bigger questions. 

Computer Robot

Artificial Intelligence Will Be a Disruptive Force In Market Research

Like it or not, change is happening within the market research industry. Automation may cut some jobs while creating new ones in return.

Archery Board nature

What Makes Insights Actionable?

Collecting data is one of a market researcher’s most significant jobs, and simply collecting it is not enough. To stand out from competition and ensure a job well done for clients, assigning meaning to the collected data is vital.

Data on a Touch Pad

Enhance Marketing Efforts with Sentiment Analysis

Use sentiment analysis to gather a greater understanding of your consumers and further drive your business' success. 


I Can Ex-Spain

Studying abroad in Sevilla sparked my passion for cultural exchange and opened doors for new opportunities. Click below to read about the experience that started it all.

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